P I N K  H O U S E 

I n t e r i o r   D E S I G N

Spatial restrictions is not an issue, it’s only a matter of perspective.
The traditional terraced house is equipped with limited floor area and limited daylighting, so, it’s expected to turn the disadvantages into advantages when it comes to planning. The design of themed space is applied to each floor.Guests are greeted by long, white carved folding doors, crystal-clear Kartell French single chairs and sparkling chandeliers. The whole pink and menthol green lattice line board segments the living room, enlarging the sense of space. The living room is neutralized by warm and plain wood grain, and the mirror at the bottom of the TV wall reflects the side views, producing a delicate feel.Part of the storage cabinet body adopts pink and mint green for the integrity of the space floor. Stepping up, the homeowner who is busy with his/her career every day expects his/her private space to be surrounded by his/her favorite colors. The main wall of the bedroom is divided into light pink, grille, and soft rising lines like dancing ribbon to create a relaxing and stress-free rest area. The glass louver house with limited space is not segmented with solid wall. On the contrary, it makes use of the rich open cabinet as the wall or as a corridor to expand the area between moving lines. The storage cabinets with the same functions are also applied to segment the space, making the visual experience increasingly perfect.In terms of planning, the pink, a symbol of woman is applied, to adjust the space and function. Meanwhile, the metal material integration interface, a symbol of the work of the homeowner, is used to present the combination of hardness and softness, and echoing the circumspection and perseverance from the inside to the outside. The design perfectly combines the owner’s preference with the advantages and disadvantages of the house, meticulously expressing the French light classic.



空間無關侷限,在於觀看的方式。傳統連棟式透天住宅無非具有樓面積、採光有限之條件,於是在規劃上希望化拙為優,以主題式空間設計規劃每個樓層。推開純白雕琢的長型折門,水晶般澄澈的Kartell法式古典單椅,和粼粼閃爍的吊燈迎接來訪賓客,整面粉嫩薄荷綠的格狀線板劃開客廳尺度,放大空間感,並以暖樸木紋中和色調,電視牆底端鏡面元素輝映端景,亦妝點精緻質感。拾級而上,每日勤忙於事業的屋主期待私領域圍繞著喜愛色系,部分收納櫃體延續粉嫩薄荷綠色調,貫徹空間樓層整體性,臥室主牆以淡粉色系、格柵,以及如緞帶舞動而輕柔揚起的線條分割,創造輕鬆無壓的歇憩場域。面積條件有限的透天住宅,不以實牆為空間區劃,反之利用豐富的開放式格櫃為牆,抑或作為穿廊,於動線間盡情擴充坪效,藉此相同元素之收納櫃體跨越分嶺,使得整體視覺越趨完善。規劃上不僅透過象徵女性的粉色調整合各空間與機能,同時運用象徵屋主事業的金屬材質整合介面,呈現剛柔並濟,將細緻中帶有堅毅的性格由內而外地呼應,完善結合屋主喜好與住宅優缺,細膩描繪這幢法式輕古典。| 桃園室內設計 | 空間規劃 | 中古屋翻修 |




LOCATION : 桃園      YEAR 2017      SIZE 58坪     TYPE 住宅