「Life Inspired生活砌劃」成立於2017年.夏。我們的LOGO將L與I字母的橫豎構成打散,簡化為直線元素重新組裝,並藉由空間中橋樑「門」的意象外型來隱喻打開大門,帶領人們進入美好的空間與美好生活的展望。因為門是進入另一空間的起點也是一種指引,期許我們能透過設計的過程,並經由傾聽與溝通,引領居住者美好其生活。

Life Inspired was founded in the summer of 2017. Our LOGO breaks up the vertical and horizontal composition of the L and I letters, which are simplified into straight lines and reassembled. The image of bridge “door” in the space is used to metaphorically open the door and lead people into the beautiful space and the prospect of a better life. The door is the starting point to enter another space, and also a kind of guidance. We hope that through the design process, and through listening and communication, we can lead the residents to better their life.



Service projects : commercial space | residential space|building design

Interior Decoration Business Registration Certificate of Building : 40E2011040