I n t e r i o r  D E S I G N


Pure and serene, pure and free.

"Concise, succinct, and powerful. A tranquil living space that originates from the pure needs of family life. The layout consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, with the living room and dining room connected under the sunlight, depicting the central area of daily life for a family of four."Through the pure white gauze curtains, the warm and simple home space is revealed. The wooden floor, round table, and dining chairs blend with the shadows of the trees outside the window, creating a naturally soft and relaxed atmosphere. Stepping into the house, one is immediately embraced by a sense of peace and comfort; the walls are painted with lime-like stone paint, gently accepting the sunlight and faintly shimmering, allowing time to stand still and enjoy the precious moments spent with children.The homeowner often cooks in the kitchen. The dining table is where the whole family enjoys delicious meals, and it also serves as a place for reading, doing homework, and using laptops for work. The wooden table and chairs are paired with a cotton and linen tablecloth, complemented by paper lantern pendant lights, creating a unique core scene of lifestyle. The living room is an open space, with the TV wall designed to integrate storage using linear sequences, leaving some parts suspended at the bottom. The ceiling is adorned with curved beams, adjusting proportions to elongate the space height and create a comfortable living scale. Additionally, incorporating a wall niche design, using carved purple stone to contrast the background, combined with a small wooden TV cabinet, planned as the TV placement area, delicately depicting the homeowner's taste between large and small, forward and backward layers.The master bedroom features a raised floor design, allowing for easy bed-making and creating a harmonious sleeping environment for the family to share. The wardrobe utilizes sliding doors on both sides to save space. Each of the two children's rooms is equipped with a study desk and wardrobe, creating a complete and independent personal space. The galley kitchen is separated from the fumes by sliding doors and also connects to the rear balcony, forming a simple and efficient household work path. A warm, pure home gradually emerges in our communication and discussions with the homeowner, based on the needs and expectations of daily living functions, presenting a rational space that perfectly fits the family, simple and comfortable.







LOCATION : 桃園      YEAR 2023     SIZE 26坪     TYPE 住宅