W H I T E  H O U S E  I 

A r c h i t e c t u r e / I n t e r i o r  D E S I G N

The pure and clear exterior of the bare beige building is set against a deep blue sky ushering in the slanting sunlight. We renovated the skyscape building in Taoyuan to accommodate a family of five. The site conditions are square, with a planned courtyard in front, but the interior area of the main building is limited. Therefore, “visual extension” and “unity of color order” are the main axis of the design in the planning, and the vertical and horizontal extension is created with the line of sight. After careful structural calculation, the isolated building can be divided into outer wall panes through the appropriate proportion to make its sequence orderly so as to enable it to be fully lightened and illuminate the interior
. At the same time, a patio is set up at the top of the stairs without window in the inner side of the space. The staircase is made of white perforated plate brightened by natural light from the top to the bottom. The light sifting through the hole moves along with the daylight gives rise to the scene of light and shadow flow, forming a charming view. Light gray and pure white colors are used throughout the room, and hygroscopic adjustment materials are used on the walls to create a comfortable living environment. The black and white texture marble occupies a place in the kitchen, and the stair base is opposite to it, presenting the balance of light and weight on the hue, showing no lightness due to the limited space. On the contrary, the visual focus can be extended by properly applying stable materials, so as to outline the depth of field. The Danish second-hand furniture with warm and moist texture and full of time precipitation and the green plants on the side complement each other to create a unique residential atmosphere.



純粹清透的裸米色建築外牆,以湛藍天空為背景,迎來斜照燦陽。我們重新修整這幢座落於桃園,容納一家五口的透天建築,基地條件方正,前有規劃庭院,然主建物內部面積卻有限。因此規劃上以「視覺延伸感」與「色階統一性」為設計主軸,以視線創造垂直水平的延伸。獨棟建物經由縝密的結構計算後,透過穠纖合度比例分割外牆窗格,將其序列整齊,使其廣納採光,照亮室內;同時於空間內側無臨窗的樓梯頂方開設天井,階梯以白色沖孔板架構,藉由自然光由上灑下而敞亮,篩過孔洞的光線隨著日光推移,進而衍生光影流轉的景致,形成一幅迷人端景。全室使用淺灰與純白色彩為底蘊,牆面運用吸濕調節壁材,營造舒適的起居環境。黑白紋理大理石佔據廚房一方,和樓梯底座與之相對,呈現了色調上的輕重平衡,展現不因空間有限而一昧輕盈,反之,適當加入穩重材質才能引申視覺焦點的設計手法,藉此勾勒出畫面景深,再搭配丹麥二手家具,那般帶有時間感的溫潤木質,和一旁生意盎然的綠意植栽相輔相成,融會出別具一格的住宅氛圍。| 桃園室內設計 | 空間規劃 | 中古屋翻修 |



LOCATION : 桃園      YEAR 2018      SIZE 60坪     TYPE 住宅