S U M M E R 

I n t e r i o r  D E S I G N

At first glance at the space, the extreme pure colors and rattan single chairs present a sense of exotic vacation. Natural light shines in every corner of the space. The spacious living room brings a sense of comfort. It is hard to imagine that this pattern is the result of the renovation of an old apartment in Taiwan for nearly 30 years. to make. Rusty pipelines and water leakage in old apartments are necessary for renovation. After we assisted in repairing and strengthening, we removed the original excessive idle aisles and re-summarized the pattern, so that the natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows of the living room, along with the pure white walls The special texture of organic paint diffuses and reflects, extends the light area, allows sunlight to light up the room, and uses the organ curtain to adjust the amount of light and sight into the space at will. The wall of the master bedroom is spread out in a corner, and the rainbow glass is inserted into the room, which only transmits light and does not penetrate the scene. The surface material is not stacked. In addition to meeting the owner’s expectation of a simple and bright space, it also corrects itself The structural defects of the building, under the pure white tone of the whole room, the software decoration uses natural vocabulary to enhance the sense of life, such as the use of rattan furniture and single chairs to convey a simple feel, especially the rosewood low cabinet at the porch exudes a rich historical trace, allowing the owner to be authentic Use and match with Nanyang wind plants to warm up the environment, so that each element in the space complements each other, fully embodying the relaxing and stress-relieving living quality. The fascinating part of space planning is not the stacking of surface materials, but how the pattern and movement affect people's behavior. The occupants of the space are still the owners themselves, and changing the pattern also changes the habits of life.


初看空間,極致純粹的色彩與藤編單椅呈現異國度假感,自然光線敞亮於空間每個角落,寬敞客廳帶來舒適感,難以想像這般格局是由台灣近三十年的舊公寓改造而成在老舊公寓裡管線生鏽、漏水都是改造的必經路程,我們協助修繕補強之後,剔除原先過多的閒置走道,重新歸納格局,讓客廳落地窗面迎來的自然光線,隨著牆面純白有機塗料的特殊紋理漫射、映照,延展光線面積,任由日光點亮室內,並藉風琴簾隨意調整光與視線探進空間的多寡。主臥房牆體展開一隅溝縫,鑲入虹條玻璃僅透光不透景地將光線導入房間,不多做表面材質堆疊,除了切和業主之於空間簡潔明亮的期望外,也改正本身建築結構缺陷,在全室純白色調下,軟件裝飾方面運用自然系語彙提升生活感,例如使用藤編家具單椅傳遞質樸手感,尤其玄關處的玫瑰木矮櫃散發濃韻歷史軌跡,讓業主能夠真實使用,配搭南洋風植栽為環境增溫,使空間裡的每個元素相互烘托,完整體現鬆懈紓壓的居住品質。空間規劃迷人之處不在於表面材質堆疊,而是在於格局與動線如何影響著人們的行為,空間居住者依然是業主本身,改變格局也改變了生活的習慣。| 桃園室內設計 | 空間規劃 | 中古屋翻修 |



LOCATION : 桃園      YEAR 2019      SIZE 33坪     TYPE 住宅