G R E Y  M E T A L 

I n t e r i o r   D E S I G N

The layout of space was a manifestation of owner’s life style and those presented in daily life integrated the sense and sensibility through different materials. Based on different levels of color and line contrast, the indoor was designed. When stepping into the house, you could feel the mildness and coldness at the same time with the intertwining of multiple materials. The sensibility of the living room was created by the profound woods and sunset outside. The stainless steel hairline-like lines embedded with black and white textured stone were applied in the kitchen island to present the dramatic tension. The sense rich in power made the two spaces seem to be in strong contrast in the open design. In fact, vertical straight lines were used to skillfully integrate different materials, so as to achieve the overall tonality, highlight the owner’s taste, and also depict his/her encouragement to take risks and try. Behind the spacious public area, a special grey-rhyme lacquered frame depicted a straight path with a seemingly infinite end, which was actually a space reflecting phantom created by a metal mirror. Here was specially designed with localized recession technique. Through the compression of space perception and magnification of the vision, it expected to extend the artistic conception of “every cloud has a silver lining”. The private space appeared a more unique world with the bedroom getting rid of tiredness and making owner relaxed on account of the application of calm woods, so as to create a radically different atmosphere compared with the public area. Meanwhile, the double-sided cabinets were designed to shape a sense of spaciousness and accommodate sundries so that the sundries were well-placed to show a methodically and orderly family life. Under the background of LED light bands, the mirror hidden in the corners enhanced the avant-garde vision for the space. There was no redundant color stack, so that the natural sky outside the window was more gorgeous. Therefore, you could have a panoramic view of cloudless blue sunny sky.



空間中的陣序排列,反映屋主生活模式,而躍於日常之上的,則透過異材質使理性與感性共融。室內以不同層次的色階和線條對比為設計主軸。入門後的場景,在多元材質拼織間,同時感受到了溫潤與凜冽。客廳藉由沈穩木質調搭配窗外夕陽餘暉,呈現這廂場域感性的表現,而廚房中島領域則以不鏽鋼髮絲紋砌嵌黑白紋理石材,傳遞戲劇化的張力,富含力量的理性,讓兩廂空間在開放設計中看似對比強烈,實則運用上下垂直的直線條,巧妙地將異材質融為一體,藉此達到整體調性,彰顯屋主品味之餘,也描繪出其勇於冒險與嘗試的個性。在寬敞的公領域之後,一幅灰韻特殊漆框景中刻劃著一道筆直小徑,看似無限延伸的盡頭,實為金屬鏡面創造出來的空間反射幻影,特意於此以局部退縮手法,壓縮空間感知後,再放大視覺,引申「山重水複疑無路,柳暗花明又一村」之意境,而推開私領域門扇更是別有洞天,以相對沈靜的材質語彙,描繪卸下疲倦讓身心放鬆的臥房空間,呈現與公領域截然不同的氛圍。同時,亦運用雙面櫃設計營造空間感並兼具收納,令家庭物品有條不紊地展示生活,在LED光帶襯映之下,隱藏於各隅角落的鏡面設計,為空間挹增前衛展演視覺,沒有多餘色彩堆疊,讓窗外的自然天色更顯絢麗,盡收湛藍晴天的萬里無雲。| 桃園室內設計 | 空間規劃 | 中古屋翻修 |


LOCATION : 桃園      YEAR 2018      SIZE 32坪     TYPE 住宅