C A L M  H O M E 

I N T E R I O R  D E S I G N 

Light and air have always been the important factors in living environment. Because of original structure, the residence has the problem of water leakage and moldy wall. Under the original pattern, how to bring in light and airflow in the narrow space, and improve the defective structure, is the subject of this case. Therefore, in limited conditions, by changing the proportion of balcony plane and adjusting the proportion of doors and windows, using transparent material through the area, the lack of light was effectively improved; in addition, humidifying material was used for surface material treatment to improve moisture, and an elevator was also set up. The space between the elevator and the staircase was made into a porch area to serve as the transition space from outside to inside. In this case, the users were a couple and their school-age son and daughter. In terms of floor configuration, the first floor was used as a garage, a guest room and a playhouse. The playhouse was also provided with a light court to let sunlight in; the second floor was an open space
. The original one-line kitchen occupied a large area, and considering the living mode, we reduced the scale and free up the space for the living room area. At the same time, we smoothed its dynamic lines. The cabinets were not just for receiving sundries but also extending the vision by taking advantage of line segmentation created by stacked steel-brushed wood grilles and metal, metaphorically presenting layers of ups and downs. On the third floor, the master bedroom was divided into areas by marble double-sided cabinets and drapes. In addition, the bathroom was expanded to accommodate sauna bath chamber, shower rooms and other equipment. Stone mosaic tiles were used as the main surface material, so that the colors of the mosaic tiles could reflect each other and send out a bright and clear atmosphere.



 光線、空氣一直是居住環境中重要的因素條件,因原結構關係,住宅有漏水和壁癌狀況,在保留原有格局下,如何在狹長空間引進光線和氣流,並改善結構缺失,是此案課題。因此在有限條件裡,改變陽台平面占比和調整門窗比例,運用通透材質貫穿區域來有效改善光線問題;並採用調濕材料做面材處理,改善濕氣,另有設置電梯配置,其與梯間之間空間作一玄關區域,來做為動線外至內的過渡空間。本案使用人為夫婦2人和一對學齡兒女,在樓層配置上,一樓作為車庫、客房和孩童遊戲空間使用,孩童空間並設有採光天井,可讓陽光灑入;二樓為主要開放區域,原一字型動線的廚房佔領過大面積,加上生活模式考量,我們將尺度縮減,釋放空間給客廳區域,同時流暢其動線,櫃體除收納機能外並用鋼刷木皮格柵堆疊和金屬搭配,利用線條分割延伸視覺尺度並隱喻層層起伏的概念。三樓的主臥空間以大理石材質的雙面櫃和布簾區分各區域,另外將衛浴空間擴大以容納三溫暖烤箱、淋浴間等設備,並以石材馬賽克磚作為主要表面材質,使光線照射後,能讓馬賽克磚色澤相互照映,散發明亮清透的氛圍。| 桃園室內設計 | 空間規劃 | 中古屋翻修 |



LOCATION : 桃園      YEAR 2017      SIZE 61坪     TYPE 住宅